Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL: Let know here with full details.

Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL: Let know here with full details.

Rumors of working on Google's Mid-Range Pixel smartphone have been started almost every year, as Pixel 3 Lite. One feels that this may be just a report, however, since the naming rumor pixel 3a has been updated. I know, this branding looks weird (and it can take time to be used), but 2 listings for this mid-range pixel are being viewed on Google's own websites since then.

This is likely to prompt Pixel 3a lineup as soon as possible, so here we know everything about Google's upcoming affordable smartphone offerings:
Google is finding it difficult to keep secrets and Pixel 3a is being put worse - worse than Pixel 3 XL. The company has confirmed the names of its upcoming mid-range devices on the Google Store website under the Phone category. Since then, any mention of Pagel 3a has been updated to remove, but screenshots are in abundance on the internet.

Even XDA developers have found mention of the higher pixel 3A XL in the source code of Android Q, hence the branding has so far been confirmed too. Let's move forward and check the specs of the Pixel 3a series leak (official yet visible) specs:

In addition, Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL were officially seen by Redditor on the Google Play Developer Console, thanks to the first look at major specs Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Pixel 3a (Coden Sergo) will obviously be small, with a 440-inch full-HD + screen with 2220 × 1080 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 440ppi. Pixel 3a XL (Codename Bonito) is expected to have a 2160 × 1080 pixel resolution and 400ppi pixel density with a 6-inch full-HD + screen.

Developer Console listing, unlike the ones seen above, the light does not shine on the internal glasses, except the 4GB RAM supporting the pixel 3a lineup. Previously leaking, however, suggests that Small Pixel 3A will be powered by snapdragon 660/670 SOC and the Snapdragon 710 chipset will support the larger pixel 3A XL.

These devices will be powered by Android 9 Pieces at launch, and possibly some of the smartphones will run for the Android 10 Q. You can check out the best features of Android Q in our dedicated article.

Pixel 3A: Price Details

In addition to seeing an official name and leaked glasses, we have also stumbled on the leak while suggesting the price of two Pixel 3a smartphones in India.

The popular Tipster Roland Quandt recently tweeted that Pixel 3A was being tested in India and on the basis of import, these mid-range devices cost around $ 300 (translate into approximately Rs 21,000). On the other hand, Pixel 3a XL is imported into $ 350 (translated for approximately 24,500 rupees), but retail prices of these devices are not expected.

Google has recently tested Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL in India lately. (When compared to pricing in EU / US). 3a valued at 300 USD, 3a XL at 350 USD when imported for testing. No clue if this was based on estimated retail or value of shipments.

The retail price of the smartphone is usually more than thanks to the import price, taxes and similar costs. Therefore, we can expect Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL to launch in India, which costs around Rs 25,000. Starting from 27,000 However, if it includes the best-in-class cameras and features, which we find in the main pixel 3, then the price seems so great and appropriate.

What are your thoughts on the Pixel 3a series? Do you think this will give Poco F1 some tough competition? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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