Why Google pixel 3a and 3a xl be a game changer?

Why Google pixel 3a and 3a xl be a game changer?

Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL are currently the most secretive secret in the mobile industry.

The "Lite" versions of Google's flagship phones are likely to drop in the coming weeks with the price-tag lower than the regular -tree-gen pixel series price.

While budget Android phones - even the makers of the OS - are not usually the most exciting handsets in the market, Pixel 3A is a special case that can be a game changer in the mid-range handset sector.

"Lite" is okay
Before we get really good content, let us quickly tell what you know about pixel 3A series (go here to break all the major rumors).

Expected price of 300 to 500 dollars
Display LCD instead of OLD
Design like regular Pixel 3, but made from plastic
Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL same cameras
Supported by Qualcom's Octo-Core Snapdragon 670 SOC
There are 3.5mm headphone jacks
Now, there is probably a bullet point that is more than the rest, and no, I'm not talking about headphones jack - even the only reason for returning to the inferior USB-C audio.

No, I'm talking about pixel 3a cameras, which are clearly similar to pixels 3 cameras.

Google logo behind Google Pixel 3

The turnover P30 Pro smartphone camera wars (in popularity is more stolen and for good reason), but it's still the best phone when it comes with a quick point and shoot with the killer photo collection, continuously.

Factor's Night Site, which is still the magic bitware software fraud, and is equally smart in portrait mode and you can buy the best camera phone money.
The problem is the final part: money. The cheapest Pixel 3 price is Rs 7,97, which is an outdated processor and medium battery life, especially for a phone with 4 GB RAM compared to 2019's heavy hits.

If you want a top-tier camera then the entry price is high, but the customer has been used to pay for the money from the nose for the best camera phone.

Pixel 3 is a great camera phone that can buy money, but it's not cheap.

Affordable flagship brands such as OnePlus and Sheoki have been expanded to their high-specs, low price handsets which deliver elite hardware for semi-priced. Nevertheless, due to raw megapixel numbers and features, otherwise indicating, many cheap flag flags are shipped with superb cameras. Google itself is guilty - even the classic Nexus 5, maybe my favorite phone in general, it was a relatively trash-facing camera.

Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL can be transformed into a more affordable middle-class bracket by bringing world-class smartphone photography.

Business power for perfect pictures
Google Pixel 3 home screen with apps

It is understandable that Google needs to cut the other corner, especially in the SOC, display and design sections. Changes in plastic design and LCD display are real and fair trade-off, but the Snapdragon 670 SOC is the biggest concern.

Snapdragon 670, compiled by Qualcomm's mobile platform, is yet a competent, mid-range processor that manages the crew in key features like Multicore AI Engine and Quick Charges. Said that overall performance, especially when gaming is below the regular Pixel 3 Snapdragon 845 chipset.
For most buyers, however, a common processor will be a small price to pay for the hands of pixel 3 cameras, not to mention updated updates at the phone and other major selling points like Pixel Software and Launcher.

Personally, I will take a pixel down on a cheap Powerhouse at any given time like Pok├ęphone F1. Xiaomi's ultra-budget phone main processor can pack a similar processor like Pixel 3, but its large design and superb camera make this the hindrance.

If you are regular on the Android Authority and other mobile technology blogs here, you may have started to go to comments to mention pixel camera portals. According to the theory, the harbor can be your cake and make a pixel camera app on any phone, but there is a problem of two ingestion.
First off, the pixel camera port is perfect. I use it on OnePlus 6T and while the rear camera results are nice, the selfie camera always gives a weird pink color. Since it's all informal, sometimes it will not be easy to wait for the fix and the latest version is just as easy to boot in the Play Store.

The second, more common issue, is that most phone shoppers do not even have a pixel camera port, they do not even know where to download it or whether they need to be saved. A phone that you can buy a shelf with a pixel 3 camera is a more easy sell.

A distance apprehend in the market
At the top of Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel 3XL

Apart from the rigid dimensions, it is very clear that the hardware can not move the needle for a bigger one as it might like. The search giant has clawing back to sales from Samsung in the US, but the possibility of selling Verizon and Google Store phones represents a small fraction of total American market.

Meanwhile, there is no really stand-out phone in the mid-range area of ​​the US. Popular budget phone makers like Huawei and Xiomi are not the only choice in the mid-range, compared to other regions like India and the UK, both places are cool.

Pixel 3a will bring a world-class smartphone photography to a mid-tier price bracket.

Pixel 3A series can be a perfect solution for Google's sluggish phone sales and the lack of US budget handles options. Large amount of hardware trade-offs for Android radios may be too much for the stomach, but the best-in-class camera phone detectors can pick pixel 3 "light", with clear photography updates to enhance the apparent efficacy.

Do you think Pixel 3A is still a "light" Android phone? Let us know in the comments.

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