Apple fans got real information about MacBook Air 2018

Readers rate and review the latest air rates from the keyboard to the processor.

When Apple released the latest version of MacBook Air in October, Angaget's editor-in-chief Dana Wollman torn in their review.  On one hand, Air was a long-awaited refresh, which many Apple fans were looking forward to.  On the other hand, popular laptops were only $ 100 cheaper than the entry-level MacBook Pro, while many similar features were also included.  In addition to touchID and a sharp retina display, what was done for the port's minimum selection and relatively low power processor?  It depends on your preferences, and Dana Air is finished giving a friendly favorable score of 84.  Readers were more important;  The Air earned an average score of 75 on our user review page.


One of the features that affected Dana and our readers most, was 2,560 x 1,600 screen improvements.  Dana said the exhibition is more lively despite the occasional glow of glossy finish.  Various e-readers agreed that the screen was a step, with the help of Wald's destroying "a breath of fresh air ... Retina display is bright and rich in colors, generous viewing angles and plenty of screen real estate  with."  Tonyae198 felt "performance is like night and day compared to the original MacBook."  Michael said that it was very good, although he "keeps it straight from the light of the sun and under half the brightness."

 Apple MacBook Air (2018)


Although it still has two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports and a headphone jack, the new air lacks the SD slot and a full size USB port.  While this minimal approach makes for a thin profile, it also received a mixed reaction from critics, in which Mayob said that two ports "are very limited and are never quite enough."  Ori thought that the two harbors are fine, but "would like to keep them on each side for various flexibility."  Meanwhile, Brent wished another Thunderbolt 3 socket so that he could use more peripherals while charging.  Wlad wrote in detail about this, in order to extend the air to 10 out of 10, the overall use of "Thunderbolt 3 ... makes the MacBook Air a surprisingly decent gaming system or a GPU programming terminal.  "

The keyboard

Butterfly keyboards and Touch IDs were also popular: S had setup "great and quiet compared to the previous butterfly keyboard versions", while myob said that "having a physical function key and touch ID made this notebook a winner in my book  has gone."  Reviewer Nop was more practical, explaining the keyboard "There is no such thing as people who like to say and are completely passable," and that they are "Touch ID unlock, overall keyboard layout and similar but better form  Really enjoy the factor. "  cf was also a fan, dimminding the touch id "It was really great to wake it up and unlock 1Password. I also like the actual function keys like the touch bar!"


It is no surprise that critics have praised Air's software experience;  Most people who buy Apple products understand what they are doing there.  Wlad felt that "MacOS is glowing and comparatively shining with Windows in most domains. The key is as follows: ease of use, compatibility with apps and hardware and a stellar backup system."  S said that macOS "has been more reliable and trustworthy," and its inclusion is "an underrated profit".


 In practice, Dana felt with her hands that the experience with the Air was good.  The new model is cooler than the previous iteration, and the Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM control day-to-day tasks well.  There were mixed results for the readers.  S said that Air "has surprised me with its speed, capacity and battery life, using some more resource-intensive programs, have not experienced any recession, the processor has captured it well."  But Nof thought "The drive space is crazy at low end," and CF said "whenever the CPU load is high, the fan feels like a jet and the battery life does not go anywhere.  Do not have a good idea for that. System. "

Apple MacBook Air (2018)

 Wlad said that, "On paper, although it seems very little, Custom Intel Chips is optimized for low burst of activity, suggesting that the laptop will perform well in everyday things, and most of the time  This works very well for you. Problems arise. "  For those users who like to open multiple apps, or have hoards with many browser tabs  The display of the app can be significantly worse in such situations, but it differs from app to app.  "


Given how air fit fit in the Apple laptop line-up, Dana spent good time checking the options.  Some of the readers did: The Orient saw battery improvements compared to the MacBook Pro, but their experience "was far from Apple's claims, especially when you have to reduce the level of glow."  cf, who upgraded from the 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro to a new air, said that the battery "lasts for eight to 12 hours on two hours for 17".  cf has also mentioned that "it uses more than 17 because it is very portable." Dario has described the new air as "a big update on the older version", however, not as powerful as the Pro, its target audience,  Basically web browsing, light photo editing, some light games are perfect for many programs running in parallel. "

 Although Matthew did not give much negative feedback to the readers, "It's really a little bit tragic and it is sad that Apple's new Moe has to scam to extend his lower line on parts of his product line."  Nof said that they "really dislike low battery time, high prices and limited drive space in 2019."  However, for the first time Mac Owner Wadecki said that he liked it very much, although he acknowledged that "it has not been used very loudly."  cf said that they "are very happy with my purchase - I have already bought a second for my wife and she loves it!"

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