The new Google indexing issue detected...

The new Google indexing issue is going on on Friday, May 24th


By late May 23, 2019, Google's webmasters Twitter account tweeted that Google is suffering from a new indexing problem which is completely different from the indexing problem of the previous day.

Here is the text of the tweet:

We are looking at a new indexing issue which started 6 hours earlier.  The problem is not related to yesterday's outage and we are working hard to solve it.  When we can provide more information, we will update this thread.

Proper readings continue

Are there outages due to human error?
Google has not given the information again what is going on.  I have previously estimated that these outages are due to the updation of a basic structure which is not running well.

 I recently heard a reliable rumor (not directly from Google) that the outages are not due to an infrastructure update.  What I was told was that the first series of outage was due to human error.

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