What's new in WhatsApp, This will not happen next time...

What's new in WhatsApp
 Often when sharing a photo, it's sent to the wrong person.  That's why updates to WhatsApps will help you to avoid sending the photo to the wrong person.

 Now the use of WhatsApp is not being used for chatting, but many more work done by this app has been completed within minutes.  WhatsApp is used to send files, documents, locations, videos and images.  After every few months, there are different changes made to this whiteswap.  Some changes have been made in this app just months ago.  The message you send in can be deleted in eight minutes.  But, while sharing photos often, it's sent to the wrong person.  That's why the new updates to WhatsAppSupport will help you to avoid sending the wrong number to the photo.

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 According to Whatsapp betaInfo, the person's name and profile photo will be seen before sending any photo in the new update.  So you'll be able to read from the wrong that gets shared while sharing photos.  While still sending photos, the photo of that person was seen on the left side.  Now your name will appear along with it. This feature will definitely benefit the person and group on WhatsApp.

 Often erroneously and unknowingly the photo from you goes to the wrong person.  However, for a few days, Delete for Everyone has been offered by WhatsApp.  But, if the message was not deleted, the person could see the message, message.  The current update is currently available for 2.19.150 version.  In a few days, it will be made available for the rest of the version.

These new features come out for audio

 Whatsapp has brought yet another new feature.  This feature is called Continuous Audio Message Playback, in which the voice box in the chat box will play itself.  This update is available in Android 2.19.150 version.

 The Continuous Audio Message Playback feature is available in the new stable version of android WhatsApp.  You can update this version by searching Whatsapp on Google Play Store in the phone.

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