Get Flipkart Plus Subscription Free (Best Method)

Get Flipkart Plus Subscription Free (Best Method)

Competition  betweenany big eCommerce company will be going on continuously. To attract the customer they launch too many programs and subscription. We are talking about Flipkart. Against Amazon Prime Membership, Flipkart continue the "Flipkart Plus Subscription". In this article we are giving best ways to get plus subscription free form Flipkart.

What is Flipkart Plus Subscription Service?

Flipkart Plus Subscription Service is just similar as Amazon Prime Membership program. Flipkart Plus user will get primary and full support on portal of Flipkart. Also there are Tons of Rewards for the Plus Subscription member offerings by Flipkart.
These user can access the sales like Big Billion Day early than regular user. More benefits of Flipkart Plus Subscription is as follows:

1. All user get it free totally.
2. Free delivery (below order of ₹500 Flipkart charge ₹50)
3. Fast delivery service includes 1 day delivery on Flipkart Assured products
4. Get reward coin on each purchase (Shop for ₹250 & get 1 Plus coin)
5. Redeem coin into the various types of Vouchers
6. Annual Subscription could be available on coins
7. Plus priority customer support

How to get Free Flipkart Plus Subscription

Follow the steps given below and get Free Flipkart Plus Subscription:

1. First Download Flipkart.apk 6.16 from Here
2. Uninstall the old or previous version
3. Open the app and login into your Flipkart account
4. Then go to Menu and select My Account. You will see"Flipkart Plus Zone"
5. Click on it nd you will see the brief details of Flipkart Plus Membership
6. Flipkart credits 50 free coins to Activate plus membership
7. Once you get 50 plus coins, you can redeem it for free Flipkart Plus Membership.
8. Lastly the logo of Flipkart change to Flipkart Plus
9. Finally enjoy the free Flipkart Plus Subscription Service.

Download Flipkart.apk 6.16 From Here.