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Apple fans got real information about MacBook Air 2018

Readers rate and review the latest air rates from the keyboard to the processor.
When Apple released the latest version of MacBook Air in October, Angaget's editor-in-chief Dana Wollman torn in their review.  On one hand, Air was a long-awaited refresh, which many Apple fans were looking forward to.  On the other hand, popular laptops were only $ 100 cheaper than the entry-level MacBook Pro, while many similar features were also included.  In addition to touchID and a sharp retina display, what was done for the port's minimum selection and relatively low power processor?  It depends on your preferences, and Dana Air is finished giving a friendly favorable score of 84.  Readers were more important;  The Air earned an average score of 75 on our user review page.


One of the features that affected Dana and our readers most, was 2,560 x 1,600 screen improvements.  Dana said the exhibition is more lively despite the occasional glow of glossy finish.  Various e-readers agree…

The new Google indexing issue detected...

The new Google indexing issue is going on on Friday, May 24th

By late May 23, 2019, Google's webmasters Twitter account tweeted that Google is suffering from a new indexing problem which is completely different from the indexing problem of the previous day.

Here is the text of the tweet:

We are looking at a new indexing issue which started 6 hours earlier.  The problem is not related to yesterday's outage and we are working hard to solve it.  When we can provide more information, we will update this thread.

Proper readings continue

Are there outages due to human error?
Google has not given the information again what is going on.  I have previously estimated that these outages are due to the updation of a basic structure which is not running well.

 I recently heard a reliable rumor (not directly from Google) that the outages are not due to an infrastructure update.  What I was told was that the first series of outage was due to human error.

Why Google pixel 3a and 3a xl be a game changer?

Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL are currently the most secretive secret in the mobile industry.

The "Lite" versions of Google's flagship phones are likely to drop in the coming weeks with the price-tag lower than the regular -tree-gen pixel series price.

While budget Android phones - even the makers of the OS - are not usually the most exciting handsets in the market, Pixel 3A is a special case that can be a game changer in the mid-range handset sector.

"Lite" is okay
Before we get really good content, let us quickly tell what you know about pixel 3A series (go here to break all the major rumors).

Expected price of 300 to 500 dollars
Display LCD instead of OLD
Design like regular Pixel 3, but made from plastic
Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL same cameras
Supported by Qualcom's Octo-Core Snapdragon 670 SOC
There are 3.5mm headphone jacks
Now, there is probably a bullet point that is more than the rest, and no, I'm not talking about headphones jack - even the only…